Technical Consultancy

Integrated Subsurface Services


Seismic Processing, Imaging & Quantitative Interpretation

Provide innovative geosciences services to the oil & gas industry. These include Seismic Processing & Depth Imaging, Full Range of Integrated Petrophysical Services, Quantitative Interpretation Services (QI) and Reservoir Modeling.


Petroleum Engineering

Provide an integrated resource from reservoir evaluation through to full field development and well performance management. Expertise includes Reservoir Appraisal and Characterization, Petrophysics, Geology & Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering, PVT & Fluid Analysis, Full Field Management, Well Engineering and Production Enhancement. Provide Well Engineering services specializing in Advanced Drilling Techniques (ADT).  


Drilling Consultancy

Provide well engineering services specializing in Advanced Drilling Techniques (ADT) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT).


Services Subsurface

  1. Conceptual evaluation of field development and well management options.
  2. Development of well delivery processes and management systems suited to well operations, including the development and implementation of world class HSE,Quality and Security management systems.
  3. Well engineering,design,planning,contracting and drilling/completions project management.
  4. Blowout Contingency Planning, Dynamic Kill Modelling, and Well Control Response.
  5. Well engineering audits and peer reviews.
  6. Unplanned event investigation.
  7. Performance monitoring and bench marking.
  8. Commercial support, including due diligence and valuations.
  9. Maintenance Integrity and Asset Management.
  10. Environmental Management including emissions/discharge monitoring and measurement.



HSE Consultancy


Safety and HSE Services

The list of services that we can provide includes providing Technical HSE, HSE Management, Legislative Compliance HSE, and Emergency Management. We can also provide HSE support services by offering HSE IT Solutions and Services, and Safety Equipment Supply. Besides that, we also provide Inspection & Monitoring Services.


Environmental Monitoring Services

We provide Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) and Post EIA Monitoring services with a full team of technical experts pulled in from various areas of environmental consultancy to give you a full spectrum of analysis. Besides that, we also can provide environmental monitoring services.


Local Exhaust Ventilation Monitoring

We have experienced assessors to monitor and assess local exhaust ventilation of systems from fume hood suction velocity to ducting flow. Our analysis is important to ensure that the systems where hazardous chemicals are used will run properly with no risk to the users.


Noise Monitoring

We can provide Boundary Noise Analysis and Monitoring as well as Personnel Exposure Monitoring with the support of experiences assessors. These assessments will provide a map of areas that exceed the safety decibel limit as well as identify the personnel with the most exposure to dangerous noise levels.


Chemical Health Risk Assessments, Health Risk Assessments

We have completed numerous projects for Chemical Health Risk Assessments as well as Health Risk Assessments. We have the support of several certified laboratories to ensure we can provide a complete analysis of all chemicals that are required by the client. We also have well assessors who have extensive experience in this field.


Effluent / Water Analysis

We are collaborating with a certified laboratory to provide services for water analysis, be it waste water or effluent. Our analysis encompasses analyses for heavy metals, suspended solids and oxygen demands.  



Metrological & Oceanography


Weather Forecasts

Providing high-quality weather forecasts, including specialized forecasts for typhoons, and other adverse weather. Each forecaster has had at least 15 years’ experience in offshore forecasting, and all have been involved as on-site meteorologists in support of exploration and production activities in the Australia - Southeast Asia region.


Metocean Statistics

Providing metocean statistics used for operational purposes as well as engineering design purposes. Metocean statistics provide a way for oil and gas companies building offshore structures to estimate design parameters and also downtime due to adverse weather. Utilizing satellite remote sensing data and a number of computer models to calculate or forecast metocean parameters that are of interest to clients.


Computer Simulations

Besides metocean statistics, in the design of vessels, ports, or other weather sensitive structures, the simulation of extreme weather is important. Using the latest computer models, to provide customized simulations of metocean processes to derive likely extreme environmental conditions. Capable of conducting atmospheric, wave, and current modeling for applications of various scales.


Metocean Measurements

Where modeled data or historical data cannot meet client’s requirement, we can conduct in-situ metocean data acquisition programs.


Weather Equipment

Provide services to supply, replace, install and test weather equipment. Previous projects include the replacement of weather equipment on Resak and Bekok Platforms.



Engineering Design


Cekap Technical Services is in collaboration with MECIP, an engineering design consultant with extensive experience in :-

1. Project Engineering

2. Feasibility & Conceptual Studies

3. Detailed Engineering Design

4. Process & Petrochemical Plants Engineerings

5. Electrical and Instrument Engineering

6. Mechanical Engineering & Building Services

7. Piping & Process Engineering

8. Geo-technical and Environmental Engineering

9. Information Management 



Asset Integrity


Cekap Technical Services offer Asset Integrity, Reliability & Condition Based Monitoring consultancy. 

Maintaining the reliability of an asset is key to ensuring consistent operations and delivery of products. At CEKAP, we understand this. CEKAP adds value to the integrity of your asset by offering asset management services that include RBI, RAM, Systems, Operator driver reliability and tools that facilitate these initiatives. The approach we take towards asset management is a life-cycle approach, looking at the asset operations and functions from end to end, and thus providing solutions that are holistic and sustainable. CEKAP solution to reduce the customer operations energy usage and improve its sustainability and reliability.




Flow Measurement


Cekap Technical Services in collaboration with TUV NEL to provide expert technical consultancy, research, testing, flow measurement and programme management services as follows :-


Consulting & Auditing 

1. Specialist, technical advisory

    - Export & allocation metering

    - Heat exchangers

    - Oil-in-water monitors

    - Produced water systems

    - Fluid properties 

    - Emissions

    - LNG


2. Computational fluid dynamics

3. Equipment sizing, design & selection

4. Feasibility & conceptual design studies 

5. Measurement data validation

6. Thermodynamic calculations 

7. Vendor bid technical evaluation 

8. Installation advice

9. Bespoke software

10. Flow & thermal modelling

11. Independent facility audits 

12. Measurement uncertainty calculations


Research & Development

1. Flow equipment including pumps & valves

2. Complex fluids (LNG, heavy oil, non-Newtonian, CO2)

3. Flow metering uncertainty studies


Calibration, Testing & Knowledge Transfer

1. Oil, water and gas flow tests

2. Multiphase and wet-gas flow tests

3. Factory acceptance tests

4. Field acceptance tests

5. Flow surveys

6. Erosion testing and analysis

7. Umbilical chemical compatibility