Survey & Intelligent Modelling (SIM) 


In a fast developing and challenging world, an ever-increasing amount of data need to be captured, analyzed and managed. Many companies are struggling to access and evaluate data in their daily operations which affects their decision making. With survey and intelligent modelling technologies, companies are able to make reliable and faster decision. To day CEKAP TECHNICAL SERVICES has proven itself to be the leading integrated project management and engineering services provider by adding value thorough the smart utilization of survey and intelligent modeling technologies for the oil and gas industries in Malaysia.    


CEKAP SIM Survey:                      

- 3D Leaser Scanning

- Dimensional Control Survey

- Geological Survey 

- Hydrographic Survey

- Remote Aerial Survey 

- 3D Aerial Scanning 

- 3D Non-Intelligent Modelling 

- 3D Semi-Intelligent Modelling 

- 3D Fully-Intelligent Modelling 

- 2D Drawing Production 

- Calculation Report & Analysis

- Asset Integrity Management

- Plant Data Management

- AFC Clash Analysis

- FEED, Basic & Conceptual Design

- Skid Package & Detail Design

- Fabrication Engineering Services

- Tank Calibration & Inspection

- Hook-up & Commissioning

CEKAP SIM Benefit:                             

- Capture accurate as-built data

- Produce CAD data 

- High level of details 

- Reduce operational cost

- Optimize schedule

- Mitigate risk efficiently

- Improve analysis & studies

- Ensure first-time fit

- Eliminate re-design work

- Cross departmental sharing

- Improve asset management









CEKAP SIM Application:

- Oil and Gas Upstream Sector 

- Oil & Gas Downstream Sector

- Oil & Gas Terminals

- Oil & Gas Tankers

- Gas Plant and Refinery

- Petrochemical Plants

- FPSO / FSO Facilities

- Marine Asset & Shipbuilding

- Process Factories

- Power Plant

- Waste Facility