Project Management


With experience across a wide range of project delivery, CEKAP is in a unique position to offer Project Management Consultancy Services to local and international projects. A full spectrum of our Project Management capability includes project planning, engineering procurement, construction, installation, hook-up and commissioning, risk analysis and project oversight consultancy. CEKAP integrates a wide range of expertise and resources to effectively manage and complete complex projects successfully.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning Services (EPCC)


CEKAP provides an overall and consistent system from basic engineering of project design, procurement of materials and equipment, construction until commissioning. We support the client’s business by providing total engineering services including business planning, project management, and total system solutions. Practicing a customer oriented approach, we always aim to deliver our best services and provide an add value for the growth and development of our client’s business.


Among our capabilities in EPCC are:



Basic/Detailed engineering

- Environment impact studies

- Feasibility study

- Front end engineering

- Project management

- Technical & financial audits

- Technical assistance




- Contract administration

- Expediting

- Logistics

- Material control & management

- Procurement management

- Purchasing & contract activities

- Quality surveillance

- Supplier Assessment



- Construction schedule

- Field engineering

- Government permit application

- Labour management

- Management & supervision

- Material control

- Safety control

- Site HSE management



- Commissioning

- Recommissioning

- Retro-commissioning











Business Enterprises protect and create value for their stakeholders by identifying and proactively addressing risks and opportunities.

CEKAP provides total risk management consultations to the oil and gas industry including Business Continuity Programs, Enterprise Risk Management, Project Risk Management and HSE Risk Management for more than 5 years. CEKAP works closely with the client’s senior management, contractors and key specialists in order to provide a structured process for the management of all risks, whether those risks are primarily quantitative or qualitative in nature.


Among CEKAP’S capabilities in risk management are:


- Conducting business continuity plan training and scenario testing exercise

- Conducting business impact assessment

- Identifying trigger points and plan responses

- Organizing preparedness priorities

- Planning mitigation action

- Risk Management Framework

- Risk Management Plan

- Risk Management Workshop Facilitation

- Set up recovery plan priorities





In the Oil & Gas sector, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) is vital for a sustainable business. However, an efficient management of O&M is the solution to ensure continuous production operating at a lower cost.

CEKAP offers an integrated O&M service which maintains or increases productivity while minimizing operational cost without jeopardizing safety standards.


Among CEKAP’s capabilities in O&M are:


- Demobilization Management

- Engineering & Procurement

- Facility Asset Management

- Operations Management

- Operations Readiness Assurance (ORA)

- Routine Offshore Activities

- SCADA/Remote Well Control System

- Technical Solutions Deployment

- Warehousing & Marine Support